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PPRAA meets each second Wednesday. For the rest of 2012, we will meet at the Powers iHop (located at the corner of Powers Blvd and Stetson Hills). There will be Megafest Planning at 6pm, and the general meeting at 7pm. Megafest raffle tickets are now available!!! Check the website for more details: www.ppraa.org

Why should I join the PPRAA??

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Why should I join the PPRAA??

Post by K0SDD-Stephen on Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:27 am

  • Sharing the wealth of knowledge of the collective membership through the forum, website, activities, and meetings.
  • Full access to the "PPRAA Member" areas of the forum.
  • Participate in Ham Radio Field Day, Swap meets (Hamfests), and other activities
  • Meet other Hams in the Pikes Peak region
  • Buy, sell, trade radio equipment through the "Dits and Bits" forum
  • Receive and share training at Ham meetings or special activities to work on equipment or build your Ham Radio skills
  • Meet other Hams that want to work together as a common contesting station
  • Help present Ham Radio to various community groups and youth, like Scouts
  • Connect with other local hams that can help you troubleshoot your radio problems
  • Get help to string your new dipole in the tallest tree
  • Find your "Elmer"!

  • oh....and it's wicked fun!!

Colorado Springs - Kenwood TS-830s/80m OCF/R-5

Ham License : General
Ham Interests : DX, CW and all digital modes, boat anchors and homebrew, QRP, contesting, satellites, and emergency/community services
Job/hobbies : Mountaineering, Woodworking, Computers, Amateur Radio, SCUBA, Flying, photography

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